4E班,E代表energetic, explore, elite, entertaining… 4E每一個人有著不同目標,各也為了入大學、夢想職業、將來的生活而各自奮鬥,成為追夢者,追上下一班開往夢想國度的列車。今年的4E都會相互支持,彼此打氣;或許,某一天蓋上課本,會發現有另外一種人生等著我們。



Sharing by Arina

I have never thought that I will go to school and be really happy, not only because of studying but most of all because of new classmates! Being a student in secondary school is rather difficult but if you have people who will support you, everything become easier.

Students in 4 “E” are totally amazing. All of them have their own life experience, different points of view on many things, hobbies, interests but when they are together it’s such a friendly and lovely family. They will always take care of each other and protect the atmosphere of peace in 4E class. Here you don’t ask for a help twice, classmates will help as fast as possible, because ‘one head is good, but 27 are better’.

Our class teachers worry about us just like parents in that huge family. They always share with us different stories and cheering up us, say that we should not give up. They are so wisdom and share their life experience and knowledge with us. Always try to make us a real team and it makes a great result. Every day will support from our wonderful Ms. So and Mr. Yu!

Every day I admire how hardworking and passionate to study my classmates are. Every day and night they try their best to achieve their goals.

In our 4’E’ we have so many talented students. Some of us are best in sports, science, art, music, cooking, photography… So, we can learn something new and share our experience.

I’m so proud to be part of our 4’E’. It’s not only class for study and making school projects, it’s a huge family which will always take care about you. Here, in secondary school, we can find friends and soulmates till the end of the live. I’m sure that they will make these years very memorable and full of events!

4E Arian, exchange student came from Tatarstan, Russia

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