Our curriculum

1. Overall Aim: To follow the CDC syllabus

2. Specific Aims

a. To motivate and increase student's confidence in their ability to learn English
b. To establish an interest in and foster an appreciation of the English language
c. To promote more independent learning on the part of the students
d. To establish a firm foundation in English on which further language learning can be based
e. To establish a sense of relevance of English to students' daily life through more contextualized learning tasks. In addition to the above objectives, specific aims for S4 to S6
f. To bring the standard of students to a level that is at least on a par with that of other students of the same calibre in the territory
g. To prepare students for public examinations
h. To prepare students to enter the world of work and further study

3. Specific aims for teaching staff

a. To encourage professional development not only in pedagogy but also in proficiency in the language
b. To help teachers keep abreast of the latest trends in language teaching and syllabus changes, in particular, the NSS curriculum