Teaching and Learning

Teaching staff

All English teachers in our school have attained the proficiency level required by the EDB. Their experiences in subject-teaching and subject-knowledge facilitates specialized teaching for learners' diversity.
  • Ms.  Wong Siu Ha – Panel Chairperson
  • Ms. Poon Pui Hang – Assistant Panel Chairperson
  • Ms. Nip So Shan – Assistant Panel Chairperson
  • Ms. Yip Ka Yin – Assistant Panel Chairperson
  • Mrs. Cheung Wing Sum
  • Mr. Choi Yiu Kuen
  • Mrs. Yu Hu Wan Sau
  • Mr. Chan King Lung
  • Mrs. Cheung Pui Lai
  • Mr. Lee Pak Cheong
  • Ms. Yip Ka Yin
  • Mr. Musni (NET)
  • Mr Colin McGinness (CNET)

Professional development and NSS preparation
  • In order to prepare for the NSS curriculum as well as to keep abreast of the latest trends in language teaching and syllabus changes, our teachers have been actively participating in courses organized by the EDB and in-house training specialists.