Fun Online English Activities
2022-03-11 (星期五)

In the special holiday Ms. Caeti and Mr Miles will be hosting a range of different extra- curricular activities to ensure students have the same opportunities they get throughout a normal school year, to enhance their confidence and interpersonal skills through a wide range of English-speaking activities. 

To join the activities, enter this url and check out our calendars for all the fun online English activities. Click the link on the calendar to join us.

Challenge the CNET

Every Monday from 2-3 PM, you can challenge Mr. Miles and Ms. Caeti and try to beat them. We will play games, complete challenges and hopefully the students will come out victorious over the C/NETs.

Debate Club

Want the chance to practice debating with Ms. Caeti and Mr. Miles? Do you have a passion for standing up for what is right? Do you want to know whether calling your teacher Mom or forgetting your teacher's name is more embarrassing? Join us every Tuesday and Friday from 10-11 AM for a very exciting debate.

Drama Club

Come along every Tuesday and Friday from 2-3 PM for the opportunity to learn about the design side of drama. We will be making puppets, making our own set designs and even solving a murder mystery! Come along to learn more about the wonderful world of drama outside of acting. You will need to have a very simple selection of craft materials, e.g. paper, colouring pens/ paints, glue, scissors etc.

Yoga & Chat

If you are feeling very stuck and bored at home and just need some time to relax but don’t know how, come along to our Wednesday morning yoga and chat class from 10-11 AM. We will do 30 minutes of very gentle stretching- don’t worry about having enough space, this yoga can all be done with little to no space! After yoga we will have the chance to chat to each other about how we are feeling and check-in on our wellbeing.

Movie Club

Bored of watching movies alone at home? Join us every Wednesday from 2-3 PM to watch a movie together. We will watch a part of the movie each week and we can chat about it afterwards together as well. Movie choice is still to be decided.

Games Club

Every Thursday from 10-11 AM join us for a very fun morning of playing games together. The games will vary and depend on the number of people who join. You can expect to play charades, quizzes, pictionary and even escape rooms.

Cooking Club

Join our weekly cooking club from 2-3 PM to learn how to make some delicious desserts at home. You don’t have to follow the recipe during the class and Mr. Miles will provide you with a recipe to follow on your own time afterwards! Recipes will be as simple as possible, requiring very little ingredients and equipment.

Easter Workshop

Come along to our final event where we will talk about different Easter traditions and even paint and decorate our very own easter egg. You will need to have an egg and decorating equipment for this session.

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